How it works

How it works

The principle of a City Revitalization Program?
Visibility, loyalty and animation
to boost local consumption

The idea behind a City Loyalty Program is actually quite simple :
Use big brands marketing techniques and incite citizens to prefer their local shops for their purchases.

The most popular tool, used by almost all big companies around the world is the loyalty program,
and t
he most efficient loyalty principle is the « cashback » :

For every purchase made in the participating shops, a percentage is given and stored in a virtual wallet.
The wallet can then be used to save on next purchases in the network.

An efficient loyalty program is a living one, visible and reminding customers of your good offices.
This is why we also propose a dedicated website for each of our city programs and efficient communication and animation tools.

=>It’s the synergy of all these tools and actions that makes the potion magic !

ADELYA brings 10-years+ experience and a unique easy-to-use platform.

Improve inhabitants purchasing power, the easiest way !

With a well-balanced loyalty program, consumers strengthen their purchasing power, merchants build customer loyalty, and the city center gains in attractiveness, benefiting from a better attachment to the territory.

The consumer joins the loyalty program free of charge and without subscription at one of the participating merchants

At each checkout, the kitty increases

The consumer can spend his kitty at the merchant of his choice

Beyond the commercial aspect, the consumer takes an active part in the attractiveness of the city center

Recruit customers in your city loyalty program

As soon as a customer subscribes to the program, he’s greeted by a warm Welcome email explaining all he needs to know about the program, and entitled a loyalty card that embeds a loyalty wallet

  • The Loyalty Card can be physical or digital (Apple Wallet / Google Wallet). Both can be customized to reflect your identity and spread the pride of the program
  • The Wallet rewards purchases with a cashback system, which encourages the consumer to return and consume in paticipating shops to use his cumulated savings. Thus, local purchases encourage local purchases.

Animate customers 

Now the citizen is a member of your program, you can keep in touch and tease him/her with communications and animations

  • our super-intuitive CRM : Inform citizens of current promotions or future events. Automatic operations can be set up (for example, Birthday campaigns). Our mail builder is easy to use and lets you create an appealing email without technical knowledge
  • on-the-shelf parametrable animations : Challenges, quizzes, lotteries, happy hours… multiple operations are possible to give rythm to your program

GDPR-compliant automated communications

Automate as many email and SMS campaigns as need, with personalized scenarios based on the customer life cycle:

  • Welcome
  • Birthday
  • Reward
  • Abandoned cart

You want to shift a gear up?

Our solution also includes Gift Cards management features : Your customers can make a gift to friends and family, or companies can make gifts to their employees, with cards that can be used only for purchases in the participating shops : A gift that will please the recipient, and benefit the local economy 

Tip : When the happy one comes with his card, you can recruit him/her into your loyalty program…

Be present in their pocket, 24/7

How can citizens find your participating shops, and benefit from their offers if they do not know who they are and what they offer?With our loyalty program comes a comprehensive website with :

– a Store locator : Help consumers to quickly identify nearby participating businesses

– a Hot Deals page : On top of loyalty incentives, each merchant can feature specific promotions dedicated to loyal members

– a Click and Collect service  : Allow consumers to book a product online and get it offline ; a good chance for upselling instore !

– a Customer area : Each citizen can manage his personal information, GDPR-related choices (optins), and follow at any time the amount in his wallet

Boost the visibility of your program, facilitate customers recruitment, and enhance the sales in the ecosystem !

Automated computation of stakeholders’ shares in program generosity   

Every time a consumer buys in a shop, the merchant grants few percents of generosity to the consumer’s wallet.
Every time a consumer uses his wallet to pay in a shop, the merchant should be granted the amount used in the transaction.

This sounds simple, but involves a serious and rigorous computation of all operations, to make sure that everyone gets or pays the right share of its participation to the program.

You want to include management fees in the computation in order to finance the program management? It’s possible as a standard feature in our platform !

From the organizer perspective:
Our technology makes it super-easy ! 

 Easy to deploy (SaaS mode – no cumbersome software to install!), suitable for any type of business

Our team is a partner in your success, before, during and after the card’s launch

An all-in-one solution, which includes several animation and communication features

An innovative and personalized loyalty card, echoing your territory