Community Loyalty Program

Enliven your city center and
make it a crowded open-air mall !

Local shops are cities' hearts

« The main asset of a city ? Its local businesses »

But with the arrival of supermarkets, shopping centers and then the Internet, downtown merchants face a fierce competition and desertification of city centers is a constantly growing phenomenon.

Inhabitants have adopted other buying habits, maintained by powerful marketing mechanisms. Each retailer, individually, does not have the power nor the exposure necessary to re-attract consumers to their store.

Then, how can you support local purchasing ?

Fight and unite to offer a special experience to your customers

« Alone you go faster, together you go further. »

Community Loyalty program is an excellent opportunity to bring together a whole territory around a common project.

With a city loyalty card, you will :

  • Develop the turnover of the local businesses
  • Encourage citizens to come back downtown

Loyalty Operator solution offers many tools to encourage local purchasing :
Loyalty program gives financial benefits to consumers so they are tempted to go shopping at the affiliated stores. 
Plus, sales events can boost the sense of local pride and local commitment.

Use the same Marketing tools as big brands to defend your territory economy...

Most people identify strongly to their city but they also fall for new technologies: do your best to bring them closer to you!

  • Big brands have strong communication means ? Animate the inhabitants with emails and SMS that are easy to create, target and send!
  • National chains offer loyalty programs? Propose a city-wide program to incite citizens to consume locally!
  • Retail giants often create events? Create your own lotteries, challenges, happy hours to increase traffic in your stores!

All of this is possible with our unique urban revitalization solution! Boost your visibility and stay connected with the citizen even when the stores are closed!

…with value for money

Do not waste time and money using different solutions to handle loyalty, communications, marketing events… Make your life easier by using an all-in-one solution!

Loyalty Operator is the best value-for-money all-in-one platform, which offers you the most efficient and easiest tools to generate real customer loyalty and manage customer relationship.

Our team will help you get the grips with the tools and concepts, to elevate the shopping experience in your city, by making it modern and smart, for you and your customer. 

Fancy a complet and all-in-one solution to revitalize your city center?

In Brittany (France), a town of 4,200 inhabitants started its program with 10 motivated traders.

1 year after the launch, the Trade Union, businesses and citizens have seen a marked revitalization of the city center!


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